Monday, March 11, 2013

Work! Pirate101

So this is the stuff I have been spending most of my time with at Kingsisle, Pirates101.  I've nearly been on this project from nearly its beginning and got to help set the tone for most of the worlds, which was pretty great.  Anyways I figured I should share some of the work.

These are a bunch of characters I made for the game.

The first two are for Cool Ranch one of our fist few Worlds with a Wild West Flare.  Sam Colt here is a smith you encounter.  I had a lot of time for this guy for some reason so I took the time to practice my lighting and rendering on him.

These next two are for Mooshu, our Asian themed world.  

Stupendor X is a Magical Statue that the player controls to fight Stormzilla in an epic Giant Robot type battle.

These next couple of guys are from Skull Island. The main hub of the game!  

Louis Bisque here is a visitor to Skull Island from Valencia.  This was an Alternate outfit for him.

This was the first mount created for the game a giant flying Parrot.  I gave his beak a bit of wear and tear to give him more of a gnarled pirate feel.

An alternate outfit for a Sloth guard that the player gets throughout the game.

These old Aztecosaur Mummies are littered throughout Skullisland.  I believe these two where the first Aztecosaurs ever to be created, the actual Wizard101 Expansion was conceived quite a bit after this.  Possibly because of these two.

And Sara Steele is a swashbuckling Mouse lady who joins the players party.  The second is her alternate version from Mooshu.

These where a Couple of the Character outfits that I got to design.  Most of these are for Cool Ranch, so they're very tribal and Cowboyish.

And these where some extra loadscreens I made for the game.  They depict the shenanigans of BoochBeard and Gandry, who are two of the Major NPC's within the game, introducing the Player into the world of Pirate101.

And a wallpaper for the SkullIsland zone.  This took a decent bit of time, the original is quite huge since it's supposed be used as both a poster and a wallpaper.

Some statues I made for the game.  I believe both of these are in Mooshu.  The first is Hamakala, the god of the Ninja pigs.  The second is a phoenix statue that the player helps restore.

And here are some player houses.  I pretty much got to completely design these however I wanted, the only direction was make the theme Skullisland.  I decided to make the houses out of shipwrecks over something cool, for the large that was a Volcano, for the medium house it was an old Monquistan fort.  I created the entire layout for both exterior and interior.

Here are some of the ships I designed.  With the exception of perhaps a handful of ships I designed every single ship in the game.  I got to do the first one and then I guess people liked what I did.  

These first two are Native American themed ships.  I drew inspiration from Totem Poles, Dreamcatchers, and various Tent designs.

And these are some of the Skull Island ships, our standard Pirate ships.  To separate them from other ships we decided to make them look very cobbled together, which made for very fun designs.  The first and last image are for Boochbeards ship who's symbol is a Kraken.  It was a ton of fun incorporating that into the design.  The second to last is the dinky starter raft the player gets, oddly one of the last ships to be made.

Finally a couple of spell summons.  The players summon these while their ships are fighting adding devastating Attack, Counters, and Buffs.  There was an overall theme of the Seasons to these.  Obviously  the order being Fall, Spring, and Winter here.

Hope you guys enjoyed this, and I'll try and see if I can show some more soon.

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  1. Oh my gosh, awesome job! I'm a big fan of both Wizard101 and Pirate101, I have a blog about Pirate101. I cant wait to see your future work in both games!