Thursday, March 7, 2013

Work! Wizard101-Azteca

This was the second expansion for Wizard101 that I worked on Azteca!  the ancient land of Aztec Dinosaurs.  My main task was to make all the environments for this world, but I snuck some of the major Characters in there too.

This was the Avian Palace, the Avians are a race of Parrots and other exotic birds that live in a town in the Trees of Azteca.  The idea was to have very natural, somewhat nest like buildings that are almost grown out of the trees. 

And this is the city where the palace is, Alto Alto.  The center of the city is being corrupted and such.

This was an old Aztecosaur temple taken over by the Avians.

And old magical tree in a swamp infested by corrupted snakes if I remember correctly

this was one of the dozens of Pyramids scattered throughout the world.

And this was the main Dinosaur City, Zocalo.

This part of the world had just been attacked by the corrupted Dinos.

Some plants for the jungles of Azteca, I rarely get time to work out the details of these worlds but I got pretty far ahead of schedule so I got to do some of this development. This was a ton of fun.

Here are a couple of the characters I got to work on.

Malistaire Reborn! This was the main villain of the original game who gets defeated a couple of Expansions back. But the new main villain revives him and makes him the new Villain of this expansion!  The hooded version is the first thing the player runs into with the later reveal that it is Malistaire.  The bronze mask is for the Chinese Localization since they are squeamish about skulls.

These where the main dinosaurs of the world, the leaders and priests and such. The third one is an enemy version.  Since I only got to work on Characters since I kept getting ahead of schedule I wasn't given much time per character, thus some are still very scribbely. 

These where the Smoking Mirrors, pretty much Aztec Velociraptor Ninjas.  I like their obsidian tail blades.

Triceratops Zombie, sweet!

And Triceratops Warriors.

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