Thursday, March 7, 2013

Work! Wizard101-Avalon

So here is my first post of stuff from work.  For those of you who don't know I work at a company called KingsIsle who make the MMO's Wizard 101 and Pirates 101.  I've been working there for 3 years now and figured its about time I showed some of my stuff.  

This is some work for an expansion called Avalon.  Avalon came out about a year ago so some of this work is a bit older than that.  Its a Scottish/Irish type world inhabited by foxes, fairies, and other fantasy creatures (Alliteration!).

These where some basic enemies and Armors I had to design for the world. 

This was called the Fairy Armor.  The only description I got for this was that it should look like something a fairy would wear. 

This one was called the poets robe, and that's pretty much all the description I got.

Next are the Fox People that inhabit this world.  There where a lot of Knights, a warrior princess, and the crowning Jewel of my work a Fox Mermaid, don't ask, it wasn't my idea. Never the less came out pretty decent.

Fox Mermaid...

the Warrior princess Gwendolyn in her battle gear and formal outfit.

The Female Fox Knights

And their male counter parts.  Though actually the middle and left one have nothing to do with the females they just have the same color, I thought that was confusing.

And here are some environments I made, we had this one tower that kept getting reused all over the place and I was tasked with making several of the interiors.

Oh and a Tree Ent dude.  I really don't know what part he played in the game, maybe an NPC?

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